COVID-19 Series: Blog 8

In this blog, Fiona reflects on our last Global Health Café of 2020 where we joined with Zimbabwe Health Training Support to discuss mental health and partnership opportunities during COVID-19.

COVID-19 Series: Blog 7

In this blog, Sophie reflects on the past year at CGHP and the impact the pandemic has had on programme activity. Aside from cancelled plans and overseas visits, the pandemic has encouraged CGHP to consider novel approaches in delivering programme activity. Join us in reflecting on 2020 at CGHP, celebrating our successes and exciting developments on the horizon.

COVID-19 Series: Blog 5

Written by CGHP Director, Evelyn Brealey. This blog explores the communication app WhatsApp and the role it has to play in health partnerships. Her blog highlights the value of such communication tools, and the profound displays of humility and solidarity which she has seen during the pandemic.

COVID-19 Series: Blog 3

Funding for immediate impact and long-term benefits – A look at charitable fundraising during COVID-19 By CGHP Development Lead, Kristijan Marinkovic Abstract: Because of the COVID-19 pandemic and response, many charities might struggle to secure funding in the short term, while others might receive more donations than usual to support their front-line work. In both …

The End of Internship Blog

Reflections on my six months at CGHP… By Lucy Gilder In the past decade or so, the term ‘global’ has become an increasingly common prefix: global citizen, global warming, global politics, global network… It is a term at once both exciting and unnerving. As a concept, ‘global’ connotes the vast and limitless. But this scope …