Cambridge Ethical Electives

Choosing an elective overseas

All healthcare profession students currently in training in the East of England are eligible to undertake an ethical elective in a CGHP partnership. It’s a great opportunity to gain clinical experience in a specialism and organisation of your choice, with funding of up to £1000 available to help with the costs. By working in a low- or middle-income country you’ll also typically get a unique hands-on experience that isn’t available in the UK, helping you to gain broader self-directed clinical or research experience.

Where you could go

We have supported hundreds of East of England student electives on a range of topics and in a range of countries, including a family information project on childhood cancer with the Uganda Cancer Institute and a project to digitalise health data about TB in Botswana. To get a feel for what it’s like, read about Roxanne Mehdizadeh’s visit to Jordan to help establish a Maxillofacial surgery project, or Luke Coakham’s experience in Uganda with the SCALE Critical Care partnership. You can choose undertake your elective in one of our long-running programmes, like Luke, or in a health project that is being established, like Roxanne.  In 2024 there are placements available in Kenya, Malawi, Uganda, Zimbabwe, India and Jordan.


You can apply for a Student Bursary of up to £1000 to help fund your elective, with the final amount awarded decided by a CGHP sub committee. You’ll need to demonstrate a number of things in your application, including that you’ll be on elective placement for a minimum of four weeks; that there’ll be a benefit to you, the local population, and the partnership; and that the elective is approved, well organised and a supervisor has been agreed.

If you’re successful in undertaking an ethical elective with CGHP, we’ll expect you to:

  • Actively participate in the partnership before your elective, including attending at least two monthly partnership meetings.
  • Attend a pre-departure workshop in March: ‘Global Health at Work: Making it Safe, Effective and Ethical‘.
  • Submit a report about your elective within one month of your return.

In return you can expect us to:

  • Award you a grant towards your elective of up £1000 (subject to meeting certain criteria).
  • Match you with a partnership and allocate you a supervisor for your elective project.

How to apply

Complete the Expression of Interest form and send it with your CV to

If you’re successful, you’ll be matched with a project and partnership by mid January. You’ll then have one month to complete your Student Bursary application. Funds are released to students in March and the electives take place between June – August.

With special thanks to The Thriplow Charitable Trust for generously supporting the Student Global Health Bursary Scheme in 2023 and 2024.