The CGHP Challenge

The CGHP Challenge began on 26th April 2020. The team decided to put a global spin on the 2.6 challenge, asking supporters to donate miles in order to reach partners in Kampala, and Gaborone. We clocked up over 11,000 miles, reaching the tip of South Africa. This was part 1 of the CGHP Challenge.

During part 1, we quickly recognised the urgency of the COVID-19 situation and the important role health partnerships have to play. We therefore decided to raise funds. These funds will allow us to continue supporting our health partnerships in responding to the pandemic. This is part 2 of our CGHP Challenge.

The CGHP Challenge has two stages (click for more information):

Part 1 – Outbound

The CGHP team and supporters walked, ran and cycled over 11,000 miles. The aim of the CGHP Challenge was to reach partners in Kampala, then Gaborone. We raised enough miles to reach the southern tip of Africa.

Part 2 – The Return

We want to raise £1 for every mile and travel back to Cambridge. We will be retracing our steps, but instead of donating miles we are asking supporters to match miles with pounds.Please join us on this ambitious adventure. We will keep updating our virtual journey on social media and our website.