Part 1 – Outbound

On the 26th April 2020, the CGHP Team put a global spin on the 2.6 challenge. Our goal was to cover the distance between Cambridge and Kampala – our nearest partner city – 5800 miles away. The CGHP team comprising of Sophie, Kristijan and Evelyn, each committed to run 2.6 miles per day.

With the help of CGHP supporters donating their miles, we soon arrived in Kampala. As momentum was high, we chose to continue on to Gaborone, Botswana.

Since it started, more than 100 people have taken part in CGHP’s 2.6 Challenge and walked, ran, cycled, and donated over 11,500 miles! On behalf of Evelyn, Sophie, and Kristijan – thank you so much.

“My husband and I work for the NHS. The challenge has be a welcome distraction from COVID-19, so much so that we dusted down our bikes and invested in new trainers!” – CGHP supporter

So let’s keep the momentum, keep moving, and keep raising awareness of health partnerships and global health! The CGHP Team Challenge is now a broader effort to reach our wonderful partners across the globe by accumulating miles and donations.

Funds raised will go toward supporting our health partnerships in responding and recovering from Covid-19. Support includes, and not confined to sourcing locally manufactured PPE, components for alcohol gel production, staff mental health and well being support, and enabling bi-directional sharing and learning. To see how we have supported so far, visit our News section.

Please visit Part 2 – The Return page to learn more about the next phase of our CGHP Challenge.

  • 26/04 - Starting Out

    We have 5800 miles to go to get to Kampala.

  • Portsmouth, UK

    Reached 121 miles and ready to cross the English Channel.

  • Bordeaux, France

    575 miles completed and we are in Bordeaux!

  • Alicante, Spain

    1125 miles completed and we are in southern Spain.

  • Northern Algeria

    We have crossed the Mediterranean and 131 miles completed places us in Oran.

  • Tamanrasset

    2501 miles completed, and we have reached the Ahaggar National Park, Algeria.

  • Day 26

    Halfway to Kampala. After 26 days of running, cycling and walking we are in southern Algeria. Even though the 26 days of our challenge are up, we have decided to keep going until we reach our goal!

  • Agadez, Niger

    We have made it across the Sahara and down into Niger. 3036 miles done.

  • Guider, Cameroon

    Close to the border with Chad, we have hit 3845 miles.

  • Batangafo, Central African Republic

    After some incredible mile donations over the bank holiday weekend, we have reached 4248.4 miles. A mere 1550 to go!

  • Heading for South Sudan

    We have passed through Niger, Nigeria, Cameroon, Chad, and the Central African Republic. Only 900 miles to go.

  • Approaching DRC

    We have 5408 miles completed and are leaving South Sudan, and entering Democratic Republic of Congo.

  • Ingbokolo, DRC

    Not far from the Ugandan border and some famous wildlife hot-spots.

  • Murchison Falls National Park

    We are in Uganda!

  • Kampala!

    We are delighted to have arrived at our final destination, Kampala! Thank you to the 93 people who have generously donated their miles.

  • Tanzania

    We are heading on to Botswana. We are skirting Burundi and Rwanda.

  • Zambia - Lukusuzi National Park

    We have reached 100 participants! Only 360 miles to go.

  • Northern Zimbabwe

    We have bypassed Harare, and are heading south to Bulawayo.

  • Gaborone, Botswana

    We have reached our final destination, Gaborone, Botswana. Thank you to all those who have supported and donated. We have clocked up 11500 miles!