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Global Health: Principles of Practice workshop
9am – 1pm, Thursday 20 June, free (limited places)

This interactive, half-day workshop is for healthcare staff of all levels and cadres who’ve recently participated in global health work, or who are in the planning stages. It provides a vital introduction to the principles that guide best practice and the steps we take to ensure health partnership activity is safe, effective, and ethical.

You’ll hear directly from members and partners, including nurses, doctors and allied health professionals, about their lived experience and learnings from their involvement in current health partnerships. You’ll also have the opportunity to meet others who are beginning their global health journey and to consider where and how you’d most like to contribute.

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Raising the Bar for Global Health  
Event 2: Thursday 11 July, 6.30pm – 8pm, Station Tavern, Cambridge

It’s time for event two in CGHP’s Raising the Bar for Global Health series! These fascinating talks in pubs around Cambridge bring together the people working on some of the biggest healthcare challenges of our time and antimicrobial stewardship is up next. Come along to find out why infections are getting harder to treat, why it’s a global issue that affects us all and how health partnerships with Uganda and Kenya are making big strides towards improving practice.  

Tickets are free and include grazing platters, so book yours now.