The CGHP Challenge

The CGHP Challenge began on 26th April 2020. The team put a global spin on the 2.6 challenge, asking supporters to donate miles in order to reach partners in Kampala, and Gaborone. We are now announcing the second stage of the challenge: we want to raise £1 for every mile and travel back to Cambridge.

This story follows CGHP Challenge supporter, Derek Jones.

For 6 years, Derek Jones was a non-executive director at Cambridge University Hospitals. In 2007, after recognising the need for coordination and support mechanisms for CUH clinicians engaging in overseas volunteering, Cambridge Global Health Partnerships (formerly Addenbrooke’s Abroad) was born. Derek was a founding member and has enjoyed watching CGHP develop, “to have played a part in the growth and reach of CGHP, is hugely satisfying”.

A keen cyclist, Derek was inspired to take part in the CGHP Challenge. The pandemic lock-down had just begun and as Derek was unable to take to the roads, he set up a stationary turbo bike in his home. Derek set about clocking up the miles in tribute to Malcolm Kerr-Muir, a friend and colleague who sadly passed away earlier this year. Malcolm was also a founding member of CGHP. An eminent ophthalmologist, he dedicated much of his time to global health and specifically the development of eye health services in Botswana.

So far, Derek has ridden 900 miles, and is on his way to meeting his 1,000-mile target. He has called these ‘Malcom’s Miles’.

In addition to commemorating the loss of Malcolm, Derek hopes participating in the challenge will raise awareness of CGHP and raise funds.

“I am so uplifted by the CGHP members and the selfless work they carry out especially overseas. They accomplish so much despite having very limited resources. I enjoy the stories they bring back, and the fact that it is such an enriching experience for them and their NHS colleagues here in the UK. I wish I could join some of them on their adventures, but these days my expertise is best placed putting my seat on a saddle and counting the miles!

I also hope that this story encourages more individuals to volunteer and join a CGHP partnership, which I guarantee will provide you with new experiences and friendships.”

In addition to contributing miles, Derek has also generously donated to the challenge. Donations toward the CGHP Challenge will support the continued development of CGHP health partnerships and COVID-19 response efforts.

“This is a really awe-inspiring fundraising challenge and I sincerely hope that we can match all the miles contributed with solid cash. This will allow CGHP and the NHS to continue growing their wonderful work more effectively – well done everybody.”

CGHP recognises the urgency of the COVID-19 situation and the important role health partnerships must play. So, we need to raise funds. Funds will allow us to continue supporting health partnerships during the pandemic. Let’s match miles for pounds! Please join us. 

To learn more about the CGHP Challenge, click here.