The Philippines

CUH is itself a very diverse community with staff from 84 different countries, and some of these personal histories and relationships have inspired and developed our partnerships. CUH has more staff of Filipino heritage than any other national group beyond the British Isles, and we keen to support staff engaging in global health activity in the Philippines, in acknowledgement of this. This sits at Tier 1 on the CGHP support structure. 

In late 2018, CGHP has established a multidisciplinary team including a Consultant Surgeon, Operations Director, Specialist Nurse, and Researcher to visit the Philippines and scope the establishment of a health partnership. With guidance from the Department of Health in the Philippines, two regions were identified for a potential partnership. The CGHP team visited these regions and met with staff from the regional health departments, regional hospital management and surgery departments to understand local plans and challenges. Unfortunately there has not been a formal health partnership established, however CGHP remains committed to supporting staff engaging in global health activity in the Philippines.

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I cannot emphasise how important working abroad is; I genuinely wish I had done it sooner or for a longer period time. You truly get to see what your working abilities are, but you are also given the opportunity to build your own confidence and skills by learning from those around you, while making a difference.

Vimal Bedia Junior Doctor, CUH, volunteer in Uganda