We have three key strands to our Uganda health partnership. These include maternal health, antimicrobial stewardship and infection prevention control, paediatric cancer and critical care.

Working to Improve Maternal and Neonatal Health

Paediatric Cancer

SCALE – Critical Care

"The beauty of this collaboration is that it is not one partner imposing their will on the other partner, it’s like working together, identifying issues, and then still working together to find solutions to those issues. So it is a combination of existing ideas and exposure of ideas to how other people are working on the same issues. Then we come up with a collective approach that will be beneficial to our patients."

Dr Musa Sekikubo, Consultant Obstetrician and Uganda AMS IPC Partnership Lead

What is a health partnership?

A long-term link between health institutions in high and low/middle-income countries, health partnerships facilitate the flow of ideas and expertise between the different healthcare systems to strengthen services and improve patient outcomes. Health partnerships achieve this through training programmes, sharing and learning, based on the healthcare needs of the overseas partner.

Interested in getting involved?

  • Have an interest in global health?
  • Interested in bi-directional sharing and learning with healthcare workers in low- and middle-income settings?
  • Keen to volunteer? Much of our work takes places virtually and international travel may take place.

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