Our partnership with Myanmar’s Ministry of Health and Sports, and Yangon General Hospital started in 2013 and is focused on improving care for trauma patients, principally from road traffic accidents.

Our project works across departments including pathology, orthopaedics, anaesthesia, and physiotherapy and has been funded by the UK Government’s Health Partnership Scheme.

Under this framework we have:

  • developed and delivered trauma intensive care and secondary trauma training delivered secondary trauma training to doctors and advanced trauma care training to nurses, and
  • provided training to improve quality control to pathologists and laboratory technicians
  • delivered training for psychotherapists

To ensure the sustainability of our work, our volunteers have been equipping local faculty to deliver the training courses, reaching a further 1,000 surgeons, pathologists, intensive care doctors, nurses, physiotherapists and laboratory technicians.

The University of Medicine is the oldest medical school in Yangon, but historically trainee doctors there did not have the opportunity to practice clinical skills prior to treating patients. To remedy this we have worked with the medical school and the Brighter Futures Foundation to develop a clinical skills laboratory in which trainee doctors can use simulators and medical manikins to practice clinical techniques in a safe environment. This will help the next generation of Yangon General Hospital clinicians to practice best clinical care. We have also worked together to develop a new curriculum for medical students, incorporating clinical skills training.

A Care Quality Commission (CQC) inspection in 2016 found that the Cambridge Global Health Partnerships-Myanmar partnership project in ICU was an area of “outstanding practice”.

The programme is now in its third phase.

We are really appreciative of what Cambridge clinicians are able to offer our own health professionals as we strive and invest to ensure safer and better care for all patients in our country. We hope that the friendship between the Ministry of Health, Myanmar, and Cambridge will continue to thrive for our mutual benefit and understanding, to uplift the health status of the people living in Myanmar.

Professor Pe Thet Khin Minister of Health, Myanmar 2014