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Pearl Katlego Mbulawa – Saving Sight in Botswana

We met online with Pearl Katlego Mbulawa. Pearl is as an ophthalmic nurse, specialising in diabetic retinopathy at Princess Marina Hospital (PMH) in Gaborone, Botswana. Pearl trained to be a nurse in IHS Lobatse, before completing her specialised training in ophthalmic nursing in Malawi in 2001. Pearl has had long standing links with Cambridge dating …

COVID-19 Series: Blog 8

In this blog, Fiona reflects on our last Global Health Café of 2020 where we joined with Zimbabwe Health Training Support to discuss mental health and partnership opportunities during COVID-19.

COVID-19 Series: Blog 7

In this blog, Sophie reflects on the past year at CGHP and the impact the pandemic has had on programme activity. Aside from cancelled plans and overseas visits, the pandemic has encouraged CGHP to consider novel approaches in delivering programme activity. Join us in reflecting on 2020 at CGHP, celebrating our successes and exciting developments on the horizon.

Derek Jones – The CGHP Challenge

The CGHP Challenge began on 26th April 2020. The team put a global spin on the 2.6 challenge, asking supporters to donate miles in order to reach partners in Kampala, and Gaborone. We are now announcing the second stage of the challenge: we want to raise £1 for every mile and travel back to Cambridge. …

Patrick Lebbie – Stroke in Sierra Leone

We chatted to CGHP grant recipient Patrick Lebbie. Patrick is a retired stroke Nurse Specialist, who was based on the R2 Accustroke unit at Cambridge University Hospitals. Patrick originally hails from Sierra Leone, and upon retirement decided to dedicate his time to establishing a stroke unit in Bo. This is Patrick’s story. “I spent the …

COVID-19 Series: Blog 5

Written by CGHP Director, Evelyn Brealey. This blog explores the communication app WhatsApp and the role it has to play in health partnerships. Her blog highlights the value of such communication tools, and the profound displays of humility and solidarity which she has seen during the pandemic.