The Rama Foundation

A small charity trying to make a big difference to the lives of vulnerable people & communities in India.

Rama Foundation is a UK based charity with a mission to develop the capacities and the skills of socially and economically vulnerable communities in India in such a way as they are better able to identify, and help meet their needs and to participate fully in society.

In the UK, we work in partnership with Cambridge Global Health Partnerships to jointly select, fund and take volunteers to support our work in India. Focused primarily on education, health and women empowerment, since 1996, we have taken many cohorts of allied health professionals and teachers to India. This has brought multiple benefits to vulnerable communities and to the volunteers themselves as articulated by our volunteer Claire following her trip to India in 2019. Claire was part of a team who assessed the impact of diet and look for further interventions that can boost the health and wellbeing of school children.

Over the last decade, we have created successful partnerships with Indian NGOs to help with delivery of these projects – we work especially closely with Mother MiracleDivya Prem Sewa Mission and Ganga Prem Hospice. We have been improving the diets of 700 children in 2 schools in Rishikesh with a daily glass of milk since Jan 2016, providing food for families of cancer patients from vulnerable backgrounds and during the Coronavirus pandemic, providing food rations for vulnerable families.

Our current projects include providing online support and advice to medical staff working in our partner charities and to set up a regular health clinic for women who don’t have and can’t afford access to medical support.

Call to Action – Volunteers and partnerships

We are always seeking new partnerships and volunteers so get in touch via our website, twitter and LinkedIn or by contacting the team via email.



Website: Click here to visit the Rama Foundation website.