CGHP Webinar

"CGHP and global health partnerships are vital, essential and fundamental to our (CUH’s) healthcare mission."

Dr Mike More

"The world is one family. The pandemic has taught us that we must overcome. Learning is bidirectional and commitment from both sides of the partnership makes it work."

Dr Thinn Thinn Hlaing

What would you have thought a year ago had someone told you that in 2020 children across the world would be out of school for 6 months, that wearing masks would be part of everyday lives and that health care systems worldwide would be stretched to their very limits? We are only just beginning to understand the impact of COVID19 on so many aspects of our lives.

International health partnership activities, coordinated and supported by Cambridge Global Health Partnerships, have been severely tested these past months but have strengthened and developed in ways we could not have foreseen. As we seek to learn and build back better, we hosted a Zoom webinar chaired by Dr Mike More (Chair, Cambridge University Hospitals) to explore the impact and experiences of global health partnerships during the pandemic. Panelists included two CGHP partnership co-leads; Dr Thinn Thinn Hlaing (Myanmar) and Dr James Whitehorn (Uganda), and Coordinator for the Nigerian Presidential Task Force on COVID-19, Dr Sani Aliyu.

The Panel

Dr Thinn Thinn Hlaing 

Consultant in Chemical Pathology, THET Myanmar Country Director, and CGHP Myanmar partnership lead for the Cambridge Yangon Trauma Intervention Partnership.


Dr James Whitehorn

Consultant Medical Microbiologist & Infectious Diseases Physician, CUH, and CGHP UK partnership lead for Kampala Cambridge Antimicrobial Stewardship and Infection Prevention Control partnership.



Dr Sani Aliyu

National Coordinator, Presidential Task Force on COVID-19, Nigeria, and Consultant in Microbiology and Infectious Diseases at CUH.