About Us

Cambridge Global Health Partnerships (CGHP) was established in 2007 in response to the increasing understanding within the UK’s National Health Service (NHS), that engaging with global health has benefits for patients and healthcare workers, both overseas and in the UK.

Since then, we have supported health partnerships work between Cambridge and partners across Africa, Latin America and Southeast Asia. Healthcare professionals – who work with us as members and partners, have improved the healthcare delivered to millions of patients.

We work with members and partners from across Cambridge and the East of England.

Our small team in Cambridge is dedicated to supporting global health care practices that is safe, effective and ethical.

By the end of 2018 we had helped over 600 volunteers from the UK health services to give more than 10,000 days of support to hospitals and healthcare services in over 50 countries and to train over 3,000 healthcare workers.

CGHP is a charitable programme based on the Cambridge Biomedical Campus in the UK. The Campus is one of the leading biomedical centres in the world, with world-class research, patient care and education all combined on a single site at the heart of Europe’s leading biotechnology cluster.

CGHP is a linked charity to ACT (Addenbrooke’s Charitable Trust).