Our Strategy

CGHP Strategy 2020+

Delivering, Enabling, and Achieving – these three strategic areas are the long-term focus for Cambridge Global Health Partnerships. We aim to become a hub and a leader for global health in the East of England, and maintain our successful track record of building sustainable partnerships with low- and middle-income countries.

The CGHP Strategy 2020+ is informed by successes and lessons learned since our beginning in 2007, and it is framed by the broader context of global health and sustainable development. We rely on the Strategy for our organisation’s planning and decision-making, as well as for raising awareness and galvanising support.

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Our vision

Healthy lives and well-being for all at all ages.

Our mission

Working in partnership to inspire and enable people to improve healthcare globally.

Our values

Safe. Effective. Ethical.

What we are doing together really does transform healthcare systems at a global level.

Dorcas Makgato Minister of Health and Wellness, Botswana (speaking in Cambridge, November 2017)

CGHP Strategy 2020+ Executive Summary

This document describes the direction, philosophy, and way of working of Cambridge Global Health Partnerships (CGHP), and showcases our work, achievements and identity. It is a technical and an advocacy tool, targeting a range of stakeholders: UK-based healthcare professionals who volunteer on our projects; partners, both in the UK and overseas; supporters and donors; and our staff. In addition, we reach out to a wider audience who are interested to learn more about the global health challenges we address, the opportunities we create, and our vision for the future.

The CGHP Strategy 2020+ builds on more than a decade of global health activities and experience; it articulates and demonstrates the essence of our work and the success we envisage. CGHP contributes to global health efforts through education, health systems strengthening, and international partnerships. We create and facilitate links and health partnerships between our partners in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) and the Cambridge healthcare ecosystem.

The individuals who work through CGHP and become our members are our greatest asset, contributing their time and expertise, often on a voluntary basis. We work with healthcare professionals, academics, managers, technical experts, and students from across Cambridgeshire and beyond. By designing and delivering training courses, introducing best practice and assisting improvements in clinical care, and collaborating on research and development projects, we bring our members and partners together to apply their specialist knowledge and experience to the challenge of improving healthcare, and strengthening health systems, globally.

Our partners include hospitals, universities, ministries of health, and their staff and students in LMICs. Reciprocal visits between Cambridge and our partners are the principal way in which we implement health partnerships, supported by ongoing communication and discussions.

These enriching professional exchanges between our members and partners would not be possible without the generous support of our donors. CGHP relies on the individuals, trusts and foundations, institutions, and corporate partners who believe in and fund our work.

CGHP aims to be the global health hub within Cambridge, providing specialist experience in knowledge exchange, mutual learning, and multidisciplinary health partnerships. We continually seek to: broaden the range of countries, clinical areas, and professions involved in our activities; coordinate and channel the opportunities that our locality offers to maximise positive impact; and demonstrate and increase our value through rigorous programme design and development, financial management, and monitoring and evaluation.

CGHP recognises the challenges inherent in global health work, and insists upon an explicit commitment to ensuring the safety of all those directly or indirectly involved in its work, the effective delivery of its programmes, and the highest ethical standards.

Our underpinning values are to be safe, effective, and ethical – which we apply to all CGHP activities.

Our vision is to ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages.

Our mission is working in partnership to inspire and enable people to improve healthcare globally.