Social Return On Investment

CGHP is committed to monitoring and evaluating the impact of our work and health partnerships we support. Since we began 2007 one question has persisted – whether our efforts have represented value for money, especially for an increasingly cash-strapped health service, and how could this possibly be estimated with any confidence?

In 2022 we published our second Social Return on Investment Analysis (SROI), on the Kampala Cambridge Health Partnership – Working to Improve Maternal and Neonatal Health. This was prepared on a pro-bono basis by Costello Medical in collaboration with Cambridge Global Health Partnerships.

The SROI found that for every £1 invested into the maternal and neonatal health partnership, a socio-economic value for beneficiaries equivalent to £3.87 was generated, indicating an effective and efficient utilisation of resources by CGHP to achieve transformative impact.

Additionally, a Social Return on Expertise (SROE) analysis found that the total expertise, representing the monetised value of the time delivered by healthcare professionals in the partnership activities, was valued at £181,025.95, yielding an SROE ratio of 1:4.45. The investment of healthcare professionals to the partnership was highly valuable and capable of generating a socio-economic return that was over four times the value of the initial expertise.

Read the SROI summary report.

It is important to note that exclusion of certain outcomes and beneficiaries from the analysis means that these results are likely to be an underestimate, and impact of the partnership is anticipated to extend beyond that captured here.

Prior to this, in 2016 Powering Partnerships conducted our first SROI of the Cambridge – El Salvador Partnership. The headline result was that for every £1 invested we delivered £3 of social value. The value is based and contingent on the assumptions set out in the report but did indicate that our activities represent a very sound investment. Read the first SROI summary report.