Our Work

We set up and manage health partnerships whereby UK-based healthcare professionals provide volunteer support individually, or more usually in teams, to healthcare institutions in other countries. We also provide support, guidance and funding to individuals and teams involved in global health volunteering beyond our partnerships.

Our work divides into six parts, we:

  • set up and manage relationships with in-country partners
  • select and recruit high-quality volunteers
  • train and prepare them to perform efficiently in their new environments and how to achieve the most from their visit
  • arrange the vital logistics of travel as well as the necessary planning to ensure good governance and implementation of our volunteer placements
  • welcome and host our overseas partners in Cambridge to exchange ideas and develop good practice
  • develop broader relationships and partnerships in the UK and across the world such as the successful North-South-South partnership between Cambridge, India and Botswana.

Our work is tailored to the needs of our partners, which may be hospitals, ministries of health, academic and research institutions, and other charitable organisations, and to the very different environments in which they operate and challenges that they face.

We structure our partnerships around the Principles of Partnership.

THET has been a close partner to Cambridge Global Health Partnerships since its inception, and with good reason. We are long-standing admirers of the catalytic role it plays in projecting the expertise of Cambridge individuals and institutions globally, and especially for the benefit of countries with few resources. We share a common belief that this work brings great benefit to those involved, and to the UK more generally. We have also worked together to shape the ethical framework in which such work takes place, notably through the development of the Principles of Partnership. Long may our partnership thrive.

Ben Simms Chief Executive Officer, THET