By Fiona Elliott, Programme Officer

In this blog, Fiona reflects on 2021 and shares CGHP’s exciting plans for the year to come.

Fiona joined CGHP as Programme Officer in Autumn 2021. Previously she worked for the National Children’s Bureau before which she was an Intern at CGHP. Fiona holds a master’s degree in media and international development from the University of East Anglia. She has experience researching and working in global health in Uganda on young people’s sexual and reproductive health rights.

The three C’s – COVID-19, cuts and the coup in Myanmar, have characterised 2021 at CGHP. As the year comes to a close and I write this blog, the 3 Cs remain at the forefront of my mind. You can read more about CGHP’s highlights of 2021 in our retrospective (follow the link here). As we move into 2022, we are reflecting on how much we’ve learnt over the past year and what we’re looking forward to. Gender, Equality and Social Inclusion (GESI) has become an increasingly important part of CGHP’s work. You can read our GESI statement here. We are working to ensure GESI is effectively incorporated, monitored and evaluated in our partnerships. Each funded partnership now has a GESI champion from each side of the partnership and we will extend champions across all our partnerships.

The CGHP team understand that GESI is integral to the way in which we work, aligning strongly with our values – safe, effective and ethical. As outlined in the Sustainable Development Goals, gender inequality and social exclusion are inextricably linked to social, economic and health outcomes and are often root causes of poor health and wellbeing. Efforts to address gender inequality and social exclusion lead to long-lasting and sustainable change. A GESI approach is therefore essential for the success of the Health Partnership model.

In 2022 we’re looking forward to resuming overseas visits! Cross collaboration between partnerships is developing between the Kakamega (Kenya) Cambridge antimicrobial stewardship partnership and the Kampala (Uganda) Cambridge antimicrobial stewardship partnership. Partners are meeting on zoom and hatching plans for a sharing and learning visit by the Kakamega team to Kampala in early 2022.

“As we end 2021, I am happy with the successes and positive energy in our partnership and look forward to bigger achievements towards exploring and overcoming unmet gaps in AMS in Kenya in 2022.”

Anthony Sifuna, Biochemist and Molecular Microbiologist, Lecturer and Researcher at Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology
Partners in Kenya

In response to the coup in Myanmar, CGHP has worked with the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (RCPCH) to create teaching and clinical management video clips. Since the coup medical schools have closed and many emergency care settings and public hospitals are shut. These are low bandwidth short video clips designed for healthcare workers in Myanmar to aid them in managing emergency cases on the frontline of conflict. We are delighted to be conducting another day of filming in January 2022.

Filming for Myanmar

Fundraising! Two CGHP partnerships are currently fundraising in earnest. The Bo (Sierra Leone) Cambridge Stroke Partnership is hard at work running community fundraising events. The partnership aims to establish a stroke and cardiac unit, which would be the first of its kind in the area.

The FaceForward partnership of the maxillofacial department at Cambridge University Hospitals is kicking off fundraising in January 2022 with dinners and football matches! This partnership is working to support treatment of major facial disfigurement and promoting oral health in the refugee population, collaborating with Jordanian health workers.

“I am so excited to kick-off 2022 with these awesome community fundraising projects. Those involved have real zeal and passion for their health partnership work, and because of this, I have no doubt that we will see amazing results. Roll on 2022!”

Sophie Ward, Communications & Fundraising Lead

In 2021 we welcomed our first ever cohort of East of England Global Health Fellows. The fellows are already working within each partnership, and we look forward to seeing this develop into 2022. The fellows will also be supporting incoming medical graduates who are joining NHS institutions in the East of England. This new approach aims to provide greater support for those new to the area, with many graduates arriving from across the globe.  

Whilst 2022 is sure to deliver new challenges, we remain confident in our ability to adapt and respond. As partnerships, we will continue to work together to ensure healthy lives and wellbeing for all at all ages.

The CGHP team away day

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