This is the second part of week 2 for the volunteers in Yangon.

  1. Starting with some more pictures from last week and a little humor. Discovered that we are a tall pair! Robyn however seems to fit in perfectly.
  2. Robyn met a nurse named Nu Mai and helped to advertise for blood donation (help save lives!)
  3. We also flooded the kitchen, and with some emergency advice from last year’s long term volunteer, Livi, learned how to turn off the water tank.  Thank you Livi!

Moving on – this was a great week with lots of meetings and collaboration.  A team of Cambridge Global Health Partnership doctors came out, including Dr. Rowan Burnstein (CYTIP clinical lead), Dr. Tom Bashford, and Dr. Kat Kohler.

We had a really good planning meeting to discuss what we as the long term volunteers will be working towards during our time here, and had some collaboration with Dr. Mu Mu Naing, one of the anesthetic consultants from Yangon General Hospital. 

The next few days brought more successful meetings with other doctors from various disciplines in the hospital to discuss ongoing research and other projects, mostly within the neurosciences and critical care areas.  Some of us were lucky enough to have a tour of the neurosciences hospital, which is across the street from the main general hospital.

It was really encouraging to find signs of the previous LTVs’ work in the intensive care unit, and to discover that their intervention on line care is still being well implemented!

Friday was a busy day with meetings, with many medical professionals from the university and hospital reviewing preparations for a meeting in February that will discuss educational pathways for specialist doctors. There were breakout groups to discuss what a level 1, 2 and 3 intensive care unit would look like across Myanmar, and collaborative dialogue on creating a prospective timeline for achieving this.                                     

Sam, Caroline, and Robyn then went to the physiotherapist weekly teaching session over at the hospital.  We gave a short presentation to introduce ourselves and explain the goals for our time here. 

Plans for this coming week – more shadowing in the hospital, continuing to develop relationships and getting to know people, and a few more meetings with Professors to finalize objectives in our respective in the ICU.  We are also hoping to meet up in the critical care unit to demonstrate a joint patient assessment between physios and nurses. 

Exciting times ahead!