By Caroline Kelly

As Sam mentioned in the last blog, theses weeks are certainly starting to merge into one long journey! Safe to say, this week has been another busy one!

For myself and Sam, it was the last week of data collection for the Ortho/ICU audit which so far has provided lots of data to show the current practice of physiotherapy within these departments. It will be very interesting to analyse the data and to feedback to the physiotherapy department. We hope that this will allow the Project Development Team (PDT) to learn about how they too can complete audits in order to aid service development and the creation of business proposals. This week with the PDT, we have started developing the ward folders as discussed in our last meeting.

Teaching this week was about respiratory treatment which ended up being taught in 2 groups during the week due to number of people available. Again, this proved to be a very positive teaching session due to the emphasis on “audience participation” and practical teaching, rather than didactic, lecture-style teaching. We felt that this teaching session really helped consolidate the previous learning on respiratory assessment and it was clear that clinical reasoning skills were starting to develop. Following on from the note writing workshop, we have been reading through the notes that our Myanmar colleagues have been keeping, again pleased that the information we are teaching is being mostly retained, requiring a few prompts only. The only problem with note writing is that is takes time – something that these physios don’t have much of – so we will need to think about how we solve this…

Robyn unfortunately had a setback this week in regards to sourcing a Burmese translator, but she continues on her mission to find the right person for the job!

We have started discussions about doing collaborative teaching with ICU nurses and physios on secretion management and collaborative MDT working on an ICU. This should hopefully allow for better communication and understanding of each profession involved.

This weekend we all set off on holiday for our Christmas break. So, we wish you all a Merry Christmas and we will be back on the blog in the new year! A busy start to 2020 ahead I’m sure!